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5 Must-Have Apps to Boost Personal Productivity & Save Time

“There is NOT enough time in the day!”

Posted Mar 4, 2018
Small business owners strive for ways to make their business life simple. Apps can help.

Have you said that lately? We feel your pain. So we went on the hunt and found 5 really cool apps to boost your personal productivity and fight some of the most time-sucking areas.


If your email platform is Google, there is a simple fix to the absolutely annoying and endless notifications that yet another email is sitting in your inbox and it’s called Inbox by Gmail.

Get information from an email without ever opening it (like checking into a flight really quickly). Snooze emails for however long you like (today, tomorrow, a week). Bundle similar messages in a thread together for easy search access as well as one-swipe deletion when it’s done. Set reminders to make reservations, pay an invoice, or even meditate. Yes, you need a Google account, but there are options to forward mail from other accounts to your Gmail, so do your research and see how this can work for you.

Cost: Free


Picture it — you need to log in to send a form to a vendor and you cannot for the life of you remember your password. We’ve all been there. We click the “Forgot Password?” link, we wait for the email to come in so we can reset it, and we get angry all over again when we forget the answers to our own security questions. Well, frustration be gone with LastPass!

Save a password in LastPass and it remembers it for you. Simply go to the website and the browser extension fills everything in. Store digital records like Wi-Fi passwords, memberships and even notes in a protected space. Allow your team or employees to access accounts when you can’t be there without ever actually sharing the passwords, plus change them from whenever/wherever if you need to.

Password management is a breeze with this app. It even helps you generate secure passwords and protects you from phishing attacks.

Cost: $5 a month or less


You’re in a hurry, but you need to get a letter out to your food service provider or run an ad on Facebook about your upcoming sale, and checking for grammar errors and typos is not your strong suit. Enter Grammarly, a browser extension for Chrome that does all the work for you.

As you write, Grammarly checks and gives you suggestions like adding or removing a comma, adding a hyphen, fixing spelling and even checking for things like subject-verb agreement. In fact, it checks 400 types of grammar mistakes. It even explains why those issues need to be changed, so you learn and become a better writer in the process.

It’s extra helpful because it’s always on, whether you are inside a Word document or on a social media site like Facebook, which wouldn’t tell you if your status update had errors without the app installed. No more worry if that job you posted on LinkedIn had a typo or that tweet you sent out about the BOGO Day had a double negative. Grammarly has you covered.

Cost: Free


Everyone has a lot to remember. Meetings at 9am, noon and 2pm. Three invoices have to go out today. Paperwork for two new hires. Send a check before the 1st. Stop at the print shop to look at the new menu design. Plus, grab milk for the kids. Sound familiar?

Instead of putting sticky notes everywhere, or texting yourself, try Tick Tick. Set reminders so you don’t miss deadlines and even drag and drop a task right onto the calendar. Share lists with your team or family members and even have some fun with the theme selections. It also collaborates with Siri to create tasks and turn emails into tasks easily.  

Cost: Free for standard package. Premium version for a very small monthly fee.


Team meetings, replying to vendors, looking for new trends for your store, planning a company retreat . . . there is always a need to organize. Slack is a perfect app for organization AND communication.

Slack is like an instant messenger but with a lot more features. Create channels for everything you are working on and add team members only to the channels they need to be a part of. Instead of emailing your team about something, simply use the @ to tag them and they can respond right away. Ta da! Less emails!

You can also send files through Slack and use the searchable archive to find conversations. Slackbot, part of Slack, is your own personal assistant. Use it to do things like set reminders and send automatic responses to keyword-associated questions. For instance, if someone posts “Hey what is the Wi-Fi password?” Slackbot can respond immediately!

Cost: Free

We hope these productivity apps save you time and frustration!

Good luck!