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About Us

Our Vision

We want to see more and more business owners and managers who are succeeding not only in business, but in their personal lives, too.  Our delight would be that all our clients realize joy from both these aspects of their lives.

Our Mission

Simpay’s driving purpose is to make your work-life easier.

We want to reduce your worry, take work off your plate, and restore your time, so you can get home to family, take a karate class, or launch a new store.  Whatever makes you happiest.

Our Values

Honesty.  Authenticity.  Flexibility.

Transparency.  Trust.  Compassion.

Knowledge.  Outreach.  Approachability.

Besides delivering exceptional systems,  we focus on providing extraordinary customer care. 

The customer relationship team we’ve built at Simpay truly believes that we are our best selves when we’re helping others.  And their compassion, responsiveness, and ability to solve problems has made them favorites of our clients.


Simpay began life as Alpha Card Services, LLC on October 24, 2000,  Our only product line at the time was credit card processing. 

Over time, Alpha Card saw that it could offer additional services, including POS systems and Payroll Management, that were in keeping with its guiding mission to simplify the lives of business owners and leaders.   

Eventually, we decided to change our company name to Simpay in 2017, to better reflect our expanded product line and to better express our mission.

If you’d like to learn more, please read Our Story