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Our Story

The Beginning

Why would anyone choose credit card processing as a business niche? It’s not glamorous. It’s not the best topic for party chit-chat. And It’s certainly not easy to do.

It is, however, very necessary to anyone who runs a business. And growing up in his family’s restaurant business, Lazaros Kalemis saw firsthand the challenges of the small shop owner. As he grew up and launched his own business, he heard the ongoing complaints of his fellow merchants about their credit card processors’ exorbitant fees, complex rates, and continual lack of customer service.

So, Lazaros decided to do something about this and launched Alpha Card Services with his friend, Dimitri Tsikoudis, in the Fall of 2000. Their express purpose was to offer small businesses a top-flight technical platform to process credit card payments, and to do so at a reasonable price while providing outstanding customer care.

Growing Pains Lead to New Opportunities

People appreciated the Alpha Card Services approach to business and the company grew rapidly. As the company’s client list grew, so did the company’s size. More employees also meant new challenges in the back office. Alpha soon learned firsthand just how incompetent some payroll services can be.

On payday, many Alpha employees had serious questions about their paychecks – incorrect wages, inaccurate tax deductions, even wrong dates being printed on checks. And this kept happening, pay after pay. Not only that, the checks were almost always delivered late.

So Alpha switched payroll bureaus. Three times they switched payroll bureaus! Each time the payroll company kept making big mistakes and never properly fixed them.

Interestingly, Lazaros learned that many of his fellow business owners were having equally bad experiences with payroll services. Seeing an opportunity, Lazaros decided to once again create a new business norm. This time in the form of Alpha Payroll Services, with the intent to deliver an outstanding technical solution and superb customer attention for payroll management, just as he had done for credit card processing.

And again, it worked.

So much so that Lazaros and his team continued searching for additional pain points in the business lives of the small merchant, shop owner, salon, and restauranteur. Areas where Alpha could offer a better alternative.

Over time, Alpha Card Services added POS Systems, Gift Card Programs, Cash Advance Solutions, even ATM machines. Anything that made sense to help the business owner become more efficient and effective.

The Transition to Simpay

Fast forward to January 2017. Alpha Card Services now has an in-depth suite of business tools for small business owners. Way beyond the card processing that started it all.

A new name and identity was needed. One that’d accurately capture the new mantra of the business.

After much research and deliberation, the right name was found – Simpay.

“Simpay” was the perfect choice. It combined the essence of the company’s business mantra – making life simpler for the business owner – with a tip-of-the-hat to where the company started (payment processing).

The Simpay Vision

The Simpay vision is captured with its 3-word tagline – Unified, Simplified, Amplified! That’s our goal for every client.

UNIFIED – Replace the hassle of managing multiple vendors by using Simpay as your single source.

SIMPLIFIED – Uniting services under Simpay means smoother processes, better integration, and fewer headaches. Your worklife is just plain simpler.

AMPLIFIED – With Simpay tools, you’re more capable of delivering a “big BOOM” business impact.

We couldn’t deliver any of the above without an extraordinary team of expert technicians, account managers, and customer care fanatics, all devoted to helping our clients run their businesses more efficiently and with less worry.

We’re also proud to have earned a “Top Workplace” award by twice in the last 4 years. We believe employees flourish when they feel appreciated and comfortable in their working environment.

And one last key element to the Simpay Success Formula – continuous communication with our clients. We work hard to keep every customer up-to-date on new developments and the latest technological options. Plus we reach out to clients for ongoing feedback. We crave client feedback on how we’re doing, and what we could do better.

So, when you’re ready to unify, simplify, and amplify your business, contact Simpay. You’ll feel the difference.