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credit card with cash

The High Cost of Free: What Cheap Card Processing Rates REALLY Cost You

Tips for Small Businesses

Business owners see a lot of costs in a lot of areas.  One that seems to aggravate more than most though, is the cost to process a credit card transaction.   It s...

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Chargeback fraud hurts business. Having a clear return policy on your receipt helps reduce chargebacks.

A Merchant’s Guide to Taking Control of Chargebacks

Why They Happen. How to Stop Them.

It’s critical that all merchants who accept credit cards – or are thinking about adding this convenience for their customers – fully understand what chargeback...

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Wireless credit card processing is easy with today's terminals and mobile devices.

Wireless Card Processing Terminals: What You Need to Know

It's MORE than just a hardware decision!

We live in a largely wireless world. Phones went cordless decades ago. Laptops are no longer tied to an ethernet cable. Tablets and cell phones allow us to wander pr...

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Big Change in Card Transaction Signature Requirements

Good news for those of you running credit card sales on EMV-accepting terminals.  In April of this year, the four major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American ...

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Pros & Cons of Cash Discount Programs

Are They an Alternative to Credit Card Surcharging?

The public loves their credit cards!  A 2017 survey showed that we prefer our credit cards nearly 3:1 vs cash.  Of course, accepting cards means paying card proces...

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You have choices when accounting for credit card processing fees.

Accounting for Credit Card Processing Fees

We are nearing the time when cash-only small businesses will be making their final curtain call. For years, some small businesses dealt in cash or checks because get...

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Using an EMV chip credit card helps stop fraud.

What is EMV Non-Compliance?

And why am I being charged for it?!?

Maybe you haven’t switched because you’re afraid of costs. Maybe you’re worried about training your staff. Or maybe you just think that changing will be a hass...

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Cash discount or credit card surcharge can make for an interesting business choice.

Cash Discounts & Credit Card Surcharges Explained

Beware the Hidden Cost of Doing a Cash-Only Business

It makes good business sense to accept credit cards. Not only do many people pay exclusively with credit cards, but those paying with a card tend to spend more. (It...

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Payment Processor vs. Payment Gateway — Any Difference?

If you’re a small business owner, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the details of running your own business, not to mention the new vocabulary that com...

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Credit Card Declined – Error Code Guide

It’s hard on a customer when their credit card is declined during a purchase. Frequently they feel embarrassed or get angry and, in a brick and mortar store, ...

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