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Three Reasons Google My Business Puts Your Restaurant On The Map (Literally)

Posted Oct 19, 2017
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Plus, a few pretty cool features you may not even know existed.

Right now, thousands of people in your area are looking for a new family restaurant, a late night diner, a trendy coffee shop, a delicious bagel joint… you name it. A place that may ultimately become one of their staple destinations. And you might be the owner of such a place.

Can your potential customers find you?

Your location can stand out across any device with Google My Business.

If you haven’t claimed or verified your listing, put it on your “To Do” list. Now. It’s that useful.

Below are three ways using this FREE service (yes, it’s completely free) helps your restaurant enhance its online presence and bring new customers through the door.

  • Increases Visibility. Potential customers see a complete snapshot of your business after you create a listing. No need for them to navigate your entire website. When they search, your location, hours, phone number, menu, photos, reviews and directions show up immediately either on the sidebar (on a desktop) or below the search (on a smaller device). There is also a direct link to your website, so if they want more information, it’s easily accessible.
  • Humanizes Your Brand. Reviews are prominently featured from real customers, so you get to show off those stars and compliments to people before they even step inside your business. When a potential customer reads something that speaks to them, like how you use homemade recipes or are very kid-friendly, they feel a connection. If you happen to get a negative review (and hey, it happens to the best of us), you’re able to respond quickly and offer genuine feedback.
  • Keeps Information Accurate And Timely. New phone number or address? Change it in minutes. Adding a new section to the menu? Post it, complete with photos of the new fare. Closed for the holidays? Share your updated hours. Your potential customers are up-to-date and informed, always.

Update your listing from any device, at any time.
Convenient, user-friendly and a killer marketing tool.

And now to some of those extra features…

  1. Google My Business can make you a website. For FREE. If you’re new in business or on a tight budget, this is ideal. The service generates a website for you from all the information you input into your listing. You can utilize professional design templates, add your own photos, choose a domain name and anytime you change the listing, your website is automatically updated. These sites have a responsive design so they look good no matter where your client is searching from —  tablet, phone, or desktop.
  2. Google My Business helps your customers stay informed about specials or promotions. You can post updates at any time. Serving free donuts to the first 50 people that come in this Friday? Share it! Offering a student discount every Tuesday? Post it!
  3. Google My Business is like having a marketing team. Except they don’t ask a bunch of questions that make the meeting run ten minutes over! They just present facts.

Plus, with the Insights tool, no more guessing on how people found you, where they are coming from, how many needed directions or even which of your photos got the most views. Use its detailed data as you build out ads and develop marketing strategies.

If you want to improve your online presence and impact, check out Google My Business and get started today.