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Making Grocery Operations Faster, Simpler, Smarter

Saying that “grocery life” is complicated is certainly an understatement. Tracking customer buying habits, identifying which taste trends will catch fire, and dealing with ever-changing technology is incredibly difficult. Not to mention the core challenges of staffing your store, inventory management, and developing strategies to increase sales.

While Simpay can’t fix it all, we can certainly help a lot.

When you partner with Simpay, you experience the calmness of having a single source for many of the services you use to run your grocery store – POS, payment processing, payroll management, sales initiatives, customer loyalty programs, ATMs, and more.

No matter if you’re a huge supercenter or a small in-city food market, Simpay can help your business run more smoothly and reduce your worry.

To explore a solution for your grocery, click on any item below.