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POS Systems for Retail

Simpay will tailor its POS software to dovetail with your store’s needs.  Once in place, you can experience better inventory control, improved sales, quicker customer service, and easier training of new employees.  And that’s just for starters

Retail shops in all verticals can enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of a Simpay POS solution. 

What You Can Do with Simpay POS for Retail

  • Deliver a seamless check-out experience via scanning, touch screen, or keyboard input

  • Enjoy wireless connectivity with devices on the shop floor

  • Update prices quickly

  • Identify floor merchandise that’s selling well for timely re-stocking

  • Watch store-level inventory, to reduce shrinkage

  • Track employee time

  • Run gift and reward programs

  • Easily view reports to monitor sales, inventory, ordering needs, and more

Here Are a Few Additional Components of Simpay POS for Retail

  • Supports an unlimited number of products and departments

  • Integrates with scales, printers, and other peripherals

  • Replacement warranty

  • Very affordable lease-to-own financing of equipment

  • QuickBooks integration

  • 24/7/365 support

And all Simpay POS systems easily integrate with our payment processing, payroll, and gift card solutions.  Bundling services saves you time, money, and support headaches.

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