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Sales Building Tools for Retailers

Simpay has a range of tools that will help you attract new customers, encourage loyalty and repeat business, and even front you the cash to invest in new inventory, new equipment, new décor, or new marketing programs.

Key to sales success is tracking customer data and then analyzing it for opportunities to connect.  When you deploy a Simpay POS solution, you can track people’s purchasing preferences, favorite shopping times, key personal information, and more.  With that knowledge, you can deliver email and text notices of special events or new product arrivals or exclusive offers or triple rewards points or “thank you for 3 years of loyal patronage!”  Your messages are only limited by your imagination. 

To help generate new business, consider our creative ideas for gift card promotions.  Sure, you have gift cards for sale.  But what if you promoted specially themed cards for oddball observances like “Quilting Day” (Mar 18), “Boyfriend’s Day” (Oct 3),  or “International Kissing Day” (July 6)?  Did you know May is both “Bike Month” and “Deck Safety Month?”  Or that we have an “Accounting Day?”  You could create $50 gift cards with an accounting theme and offer them to local businesses to use as thank-you gifts to their staff.  The ideas are endless. 

And if you ever find yourself short on the cash you need for that new marketing program, or to buy new equipment or remodel the storefront, Simpay’s got you covered there, too.  We lend money that is secured by your future credit card receipts!  You pay us back as you bring in business.  No collateral needed.  Keep growing without the hassle of a bank loan.

One last thought.  It’s not new, but it still works.  ATMs create traffic and move customers to spend their cash where they used that ATM.  If your store has a decent cash business, consider adding an ATM.

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