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Making Salon Operations Faster, Simpler, Smarter

Imagine a salon where your team is always prepped before a client arrives and is ready to greet them with big, warm smiles. One where walk-ins and no-shows are managed without missing a beat. A place where your product inventory is not only tracked but easily analyzed to know what’s selling and what’s not. And where everyone can realize the financial rewards of superior skills, customer care, and salesmanship in moving product.

Well, dream no more. It’s all within your grasp.

Partner with Simpay to enjoy tailored appointment scheduling. inventory control, commission tracking, work scheduling, and sales modules that all dovetail seamlessly with the demands of your particular clientele and salon operation.

Experience the calmness and simplicity of having a single, integrated source for POS, payment processing, payroll management, sales and customer loyalty growth, and more. Enjoy the Simpay difference.

To explore a solution for your salon, click on any item below.


Your Simpay Salon POS systems is an awesome scheduling tool, for both clients and technicians. Total control. Total clarity. Total flexibility.

Ditto with inventory management, product and service sales tracking, tech performance and reward, and training new employees.

And that’s just for starters.

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Payment Processing

With so many digital payment choices available today, you need to be ready no matter what your customers hand you. When you work with Simpay, you are.

Simpay allows you to accept the full range of credit and debit cards, NFC, mobile wallet, PIN or signature EMV cards, check, cash (of course), and gift card payments. And you can accept multiple payment types within a single transaction.

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Payroll Services

Employees expect their paychecks to be right. And you need to customize pay for part-time, and full-time staff. Plus, you need to track commissions, allocate tips, and vary compensation based on seniority.

Add in the dizzying array of deductions, tax types, and ever-changing IRS regulations, it’s no wonder payroll processing can become a real headache for a salon owner. Now, with Simpay, you can make that headache go away.

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Sales Building Tools

If you run a business, you worry about sales. It’s a constant. Now you can turn to Simpay for new ideas and tools to help you attract new customers, build repeat business, fund your growth ideas, and analyze your progress.

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