Meet our new Senior Vice President of Direct Sales – Dan Glazer

We would love to partner with you and walk with you every step of your business to ensure that you attain your business goals. And Dan Glazer is here to help with that and more.

Part of what makes us stand out in the industry is our resolve to establish partnerships with all our clients. Each client is equally important to us, so we take the time to learn what tools make the most sense. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, we treat each one as an individual business. With Simpay, our clients never feel like a “number”. We are truly partners in their success.

As an industry leader, Simpay is always looking for new ways to make business processes easier and more profitable for its partners. As the Senior Vice President of Direct Sales, Dan Glazer’s role is developing practicable business strategies that our clients can implement in their businesses.

Dan boasts over 18 years of remarkable experience working with numerous small businesses across the country, initiating development strategies that help them thrive. His experience, knowledge, and values align perfectly with Simpay’s core mission, which is to simplify the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs and grow successful enterprises.

Dan believes that more than ever, businesses are looking for a genuine partnership, not just a processing relationship. We believe you want that, too. Dan won’t just use metrics and KPIs to drive and determine your sales. He understands that the right products and services will produce a win for both you and Simpay.

Dan opted for Simpay because, just like you, he knows we care about small businesses, and he has a lot of implementable innovative growth solutions to channel to businesses through our easy-to-use business tools and services platforms. For you and other small business owners and entrepreneurs, this means that you should be expecting a beneficial partnership and an array of innovative solutions that put your businesses and finances ahead of time. Partner with us today and make your business simpler and more profitable.

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