Accepting Online payments just got simpler

Consumers are spending more time and more money online every day. Shouldn’t your business be able to accept payments online easily, affordably, and securely?

Online Gateways

Our online gateway integrates with hundreds of eCommerce platforms and shopping carts, making it simpler than ever to accept payments online.

Our Gateway does it all

Securely accepting online payments is where we start, but our feature rich program includes additional programs too.
We’ll tailor an online solution to fit your business’s needs to help boost sales, cut costs, and improve efficiency.

Process every transaction safely and securely

All Simpay Solutions:

True Transparency

If you’re tired of hidden fees and hard to understand statements, try our AI-powered statement analysis tool. We will show you what you are currently paying, and where the savings are.

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Solutions for Any Industry

Whether you’re saving lives in the healthcare industry or feeding your community at your locally owned restaurant, we offer comprehensive solutions for any business.

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Fixing The Hiring Gap

Along the way, we took note of what was happening in our own portfolio. We surveyed merchants, asked them what their biggest challenges were, and added services to meet their most pressing needs.

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