Credit Card Processing

Process all types of payments, in-store, online, or on the go, with quick, secure, and reliable payment processing solutions. Learn More >


Streamline your dental organization’s operations and offer your patients a more secure transaction with onsite or in-field payments made easy.


Receive peace of mind for your furry friend with reliable payment options and a secure, scalable platform to lower costs and boost sales.


Spend more time with patients and less time managing healthcare payments with customizable solutions and seamless integrations specific to your practice.


Car Sales

Take the wheel and increase customer satisfaction with high-performance credit card processing without the high markup.


Auto Repair

Drive results and kick your business into high gear with personalized solutions and state-of-the-art payment processing technology that will keep your customers happy.


Sporting Goods

Knock it out of the park with streamlined operations, enhanced internal functionality, and payment processing you can depend on.


Try on a payment processing method that will be sure to fit your clothing store the best, whether you’re selling in-person, online, or on the go.


Increase revenue, drive customer loyalty, and manage business more successfully with a cut above the rest payment processing solutions.

Convenience Store

Handle high amounts of transactions with state-of-the-art technology that offers speedy processing to keep your customers happy and your cash flowing.


Simplify the payment process, boost customer convenience and bring your franchise to the next level with credit card processing solutions you can trust.

Smoke Shops

Accept payment at your smoke shop with fast, reliable, and functional credit card processing solutions.

Butcher Shop

Keep your sales strong and your customers fully satisfied with a grade A payment processing platform engineered to optimize your revenue. 

Sit Down Restaurant

Enjoy 5-star payment options that will keep your customers coming back for seconds with convenient and dependable credit card processing solutions.

Fine Dining

Increase your appeal, boost customer loyalty, process payments, and make sure your business never goes stale with secure and reliable merchant services.


Serve up hassle-free payment options plus improve cash flow and efficiency with a payment experience that suits your business and your customer’s taste.

Bar & Pub

Capitalize on all the benefits of credit and debit card acceptance, while delivering industry-specific features with a safe, reliable, and easy to use payment processing solution.


Efficiently and securely accept payments whether online, over the counter, or at the table with well-seasoned merchant services.

Frozen Yogurt

Sweeten the deal and process any kind of payment, any way you want, with fast, reliable, and secure payment processing solutions.

Credit Card Processing Home Services

Whether on the job site or on the go, offer secure payment processing solutions that will build your business up with the right merchant service tools.

Credit Card Processing Health Clubs

Achieve your goals and feel better about how you process payments with a merchant service that’s ahead of the competition.

Credit Card Processing Legal
Receive a fair trial with a proven payment processing system that offers adaptability, stress-free transactions, and tailored solutions for your firm.
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