What if your credit card processing costs disappeared?

With Simpay’s Select Plus program that’s exactly what you can expect. Virtually eliminate your monthly credit card fees & put the savings to work for your business.

How it works

You keep providing great service and products to your customers, just like you always have.

Customers who pay with a credit card or signature debit card pay the marked price.*

Their receipt shows a small adjustment or surcharge. That’s it!

*Maximum adjustment is 4%. Not all cards qualify. Contact us for details

Advantages of Select Plus

What does this mean for your business? Potentially tens of thousands of dollars going back into your business.

Process every transaction safely and securely

All Simpay Solutions:

True Transparency

If you’re tired of hidden fees and hard to understand statements, try our AI-powered statement analysis tool. We will show you what you are currently paying, and where the savings are.

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Solutions for Any Industry

Surcharging is available for almost every business type including retail, automotive, professional services, field services, restaurants, and online services.

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