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ATM Services

Even in today’s digital society, if your store does a good amount of cash business, it can still be helpful to offer customers an easy way to refill their wallets.

Plus, if a potential patron knows he can get the dollars he needs for the rest of the shopping day by stopping in your store, it’s one more reason for him to come in that door.

And once he’s in your store and has withdrawn his cash, he’s incredibly likely to spend some of it with you! In convenience stores alone, National Cash Systems says ATM users spend 20% to 25% more! So capitalize on that sales fact and deploy a Simpay ATM in your shop.

Ask Simpay if an ATM makes sense for your business.

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Simpay is a registered ATM processor with all the regional and national debit networks and is sponsored by FDIC-insured Prosperity Bank.

Please Note: Because of the generous leasing term we offer, we can only place ATMs in business environments where we can expect 200 or more transactions per month.