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Untapped Strategies to Boost Sales

Here’s an opportunity a lot of businesses overlook.  They use a “one design fits all” approach for their gift cards and wait for people to request one.     

What if you created different gift cards not just for the changing holidays, but for special events in people’s lives?  Or for oddball observances like “National Pancake Day,” “Yo-Yo Day,”  or “Running Day?”  Did you know June is “Candy Month?”  Or that we have an “Accounting Day?”  You could create $50 gift cards with an accounting theme and offer them to local businesses to use as thank-you gifts to their staff.

The ideas are endless.  And you can use the details in your customer database to promote specifically-themed gift cards to your loyal patrons.

How Gift Cards Pay Off for You —

  • Gifts cards can be given to people who don’t know your business;  this creates new customers

  • These prepaid purchases improve your immediate cash flow

  • No one spends just the dollar value on the card!   According to a Gartner report, two-thirds of gift card  
    users will spend 38% more than the face value on the card!

  • People will talk about the crazy fun of your themed gift cards, generating publicity and future sales

  • The more your business grows, the more demand for gift cards you can experience

Are you ready to turn your gift card program into a cash-generating engine?

CONTACT our marketing team to learn more.