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credit card with cash

The High Cost of Free: What Cheap Card Processing Rates REALLY Cost You

Tips for Small Businesses

Business owners see a lot of costs in a lot of areas.  One that seems to aggravate more than most though, is the cost to process a credit card transaction.   It s...

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Cash discount or credit card surcharge can make for an interesting business choice.

Cash Discounts & Credit Card Surcharges Explained

Beware the Hidden Cost of Doing a Cash-Only Business

It makes good business sense to accept credit cards. Not only do many people pay exclusively with credit cards, but those paying with a card tend to spend more. (It...

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Payment Processor vs. Payment Gateway — Any Difference?

If you’re a small business owner, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the details of running your own business, not to mention the new vocabulary that com...

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You can do more than negotiate rates to actually reduce your credit card transaction fees.

5 Business Moves to Reduce Credit Card Transaction Costs

Things You Can Do WITHOUT Arguing Over Rate

Much of the cost of processing card transactions is “firm.” But there are still a few things you could investigate that might lower your costs. Here is our list...

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Itakes time to see money in your account after a credit card transaction.

Explaining the Time Lag from Credit Card Sale to Deposit

Credit Card Batch Processing & When Money Reaches Your Account

When Do You See Money? “When will funds be posted to my account?”  That’s the second most popular question that merchants have (after “What are my fees goi...

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Credit cards help businesses by allowing customers to buy. But they have a cost.

A Merchant’s Guide to Credit Card Costs

Understanding Credit Card Transaction Fees & Interchange

How Are Credit Card Transaction Fees Calculated? The card brands (VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX) control between 70% to 90% of the fees you pay each month.  That's some...

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When you use a chip credit card, you cut down the incidence of credit card fraud.

Credit Cards, Chip Cards, Fraud, and Rates

How Rates Are Affected by Your Fraud Risk

What am I paying for?  Who am I paying? Is it too much?   Do I have options? We get it! Fees are no joke and deciding who to work with, why they charge what th...

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When a credit card transaction occurs, the data flows through many check points.

When a Credit Card is Used — How Your Data Moves

The Credit Card Transaction Process Is 5 Seconds Of Pure Magic

This week, we’re going ‘inside the transaction’ and break down what really happens during those precious seconds from swipe to receipt during every credit card...

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World map showing the interconnectivity of credit card transaction process and all the organixations and people who are part of the card approval process.

Credit Card Processing Explained — Who All the Players Are

A Lot of People Work Together to Process a Credit Card

A lot goes into the convenience of a consumer swiping their credit card at your business. Of course, for you, the merchant, the big thing you see is fees, right? But...

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