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Incredible Service Makes an Incredible Difference

Allan’s Story:

Posted Jan 15, 2019

With 5 AAMCO dealerships in Austin TX, Allan Nurenberg was not really looking for a new card processing company. He had done his research a few years prior and chosen a large company that could provide the services he needed. And that was that. Till he met Simpay.

Allan met Simpay via their mutual support for the National AAMCO Dealers Association (NADA) conferences. Allan’s a member – and on their Board of Directors – and Simpay is a “preferred vendor” ally of NADA.

“When a problem occurs,
Simpay replies fast and helps us
correct it. Sometimes it feels like
they’re in the next room!”

Allan Nurenberg
AAMCO Greater Austin

During the 2x/year events, Allan got to know the Simpay team and how they conducted themselves. He liked what he saw and decided to allow Simpay to do a rate analysis of what he was paying his current card processor. “Honestly, I doubted they’d be able to save me much. I had negotiated a pretty good deal with my current provider,” says Nurenberg.

But when Simpay came back with their results and a proposal for processing his card payments, Allan was very pleasantly surprised. “They did it,” Nurenberg continues. “They came back with real savings. Not only that, when my current hardware turned out to be proprietary and would not allow Simpay’s software to load, they gave me new terminals at no additional cost.”

But that was just the beginning. It’s great to get a good deal. But what really matters is how a provider deals with problems that inevitably arise when you use anyone’s equipment.

“Everyone on the Simpay Payroll team
is extremely helpful. Plus, we have some
unique payroll needs. For instance,
employees can buy parts and pay for them
via payroll deductions. And we contribute
to a matching IRA, not a 401K. Simpay
handles both these needs without a hitch.”

Allan Nurenberg
AAMCO Greater Austin

Actually, it was that high level of service and super response time that impressed Allan enough to discuss having Simpay take over payroll management for his 5 locations and 30 employees.

At the time, a huge national chain was running their payroll. But, Allan had become increasingly frustrated with how they had not been dealing with his team’s questions or issues. “You just can’t wait a day or two to resolve a payroll issue,” shares Nurenberg. “It’s people’s money. They need it, they’re counting on it, and you have to get it done.”

But that kind of delay was exactly what was happening. So, having watched Simpay deliver awesome service with card processing, he invited them to bid on providing payroll management. Not only did Simpay offer a better deal, but Allan knew the Simpay team. And he valued the relationships he had built. So he moved his payroll to Simpay. And it’s been an excellent partnership.

At the end of the day, Allan loves that he gets a good deal with Simpay. But what really excites him and keeps him a Simpay fan is the service. “Having a provider who works as a true partner to help you run your business effectively,” says Nurenberg, “that’s what ultimately pays off big for us.”