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Our Card Processing costs were Out-of-Control. Then we met Simpay. And cut our costs 61%.

Sarah’s Story:

Posted Jan 15, 2019

When Sarah took over as Executive Director for The Electrical Association of Philadelphia (EAP), she realized early on that they needed to get a handle on their credit card processing fees.

Her members used cards to pay for event registration and annual membership. And the processing costs for accepting credit card payment were eating away at the cash they could otherwise invest in educational events and services.

Like so many other business leaders, Sarah felt stuck. Fees are high, but how do you change that? Or is it a “fact of doing business” that she’d just have to accept?

That’s when one of EAP’s past presidents suggested she meet with Bob from Simpay.

“In our first month running
credit cards via Simpay, EAP saved
over 61% in credit card fees!”

Sarah Hagy, Executive Director
The Electrical Association of Philadelphia

“When I met Bob,” Sarah says, “I was astonished by his approach. It wasn’t all about ‘sure I can save you money, just sign here.’ He actually took the time to review our card statements to see what we were being charged and why. He said it’d help him figure out first if he could help us. And then if yes, how.”

It’s all about risk reduction. Bob explained that card companies reward you if you reduce their fear of being defrauded. For instance, using more secure equipment, collecting additional customer info at the time of sale, properly categorizing your business – these all impact the rates you pay.

And all those add-on fees? While many are mandatory, others aren’t. And some card processors may actually hide these fees within the bundled transaction costs you pay. You appear to be “getting a deal,” but you’re not.

“I had no idea that so much of our
card processing costs were actually
within our control.”

Sarah Hagy, Executive Director
The Electrical Association of Philadelphia

After listening and learning from Bob, Sarah decided to switch EAP’s card processing to Simpay.

After seeing Simpay’s approach and her own results, Sarah wanted her EAP members to perhaps see similar benefits. So EAP took the added step to enter into a strategic partnership with Simpay to make its card processing expertise available to all EAP members. That’s how strongly Sarah felt about the impact a conversation with Simpay could have.

Sarah no longer worries that high card processing costs are “just a fact of doing business.” She knows working with an expert like Simpay is the key to making it all work smoothly – and affordably.