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Surprised by Sudden Payroll Responsibility – Operations Manager Survives, Thrives

Robin’s Story:

Posted Jan 15, 2019

The FARM AV is a manufacturer’s representative for audio-visual services. They’re based in California but have hourly and salaried employees in several northwestern states.

For years, the company relied on their accountant to manage their payroll. They didn’t really have any
involvement with payroll themselves. But one day, he disappeared. Literally. He left town without warning! That meant all the weight of payroll management
crash-landed on the company. Specifically on Robin Carrillo, The FARM AV’s Operations Manager.

In a blink, Robin now had the full responsibility to pay her team, but had no idea how to do it! Not only that, it was at the time of year when The FARM AV gave out bonuses and raises. Talk about awful timing!

So she picked up the phone and called her payroll management company, Simpay. And that’s when Robin met Shannon. Or actually “the AMAZING Shannon,” as Robin puts it.

“I’ve never talked to anyone
at Simpay Payroll who isn’t great!
We’re known for outstanding service
and its awesome to see it in others.
Simpay is amazing.”

– Robin Carrillo, Operations Manager

Shannon is the payroll specialist at Simpay who fielded Robin’s call. Shannon quickly re-set the account so Robin had control and began teaching Robin how to make it all work. Robin flatly states, “I knew nothing about how to process a payroll. Everything I needed to do, Shannon walked me through.”

Shannon showed Robin how to use the Simpay online payroll portal to enter her employees’ data. And with some instruction, Robin was able to process their pay, all the taxes, and the necessary
deduction changes, raises, bonuses, and much more. Not only that, but Shannon continued coaching Robin until she was comfortable running payroll on her own.

After a few weeks of support, Robin was ready to fly solo. And she knows, if she ever needs anything payroll-related, a phone call will take care of it all.