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With Simpay, it’s like having extra staff working for us!

Michael’s Story:

Posted Jan 15, 2019

Michael and his business partner, Brian, purchased three AAMCO auto repair shops in Washington state about 5 months ago.

The previous owner used Simpay to process credit card payments and Michael had heard good things about Simpay, so they stayed with them. “Keeping Simpay in place gave us a seamless and speedy transition,” says Michael. Plus, the duo later did their “back” research into other payment processors, just to be sure, and realized that Simpay’s rates and terms were very good, too.

Working with Simpay had one other benefit that blasted the doors off any other provider – proactive, customer-focused service.

Here’s an example. Michael’s customers wanted AMEX as a payment option. So he filed the paperwork with AMEX and waited. And waited, And waited.

Then Dana, a Simpay account rep, called Michael to ask how their transition was going. Michael mentioned the AMEX roadblock. So Dana asked if she could review Michael’s application and if it would be okay to contact AMEX on their behalf. Michael agreed. A couple of days later, his three AAMCO shops were set up and accepting AMEX cards.

“I’m telling you, no other payroll
company would’ve helped me the
way Simpay helped me.”

Michael Kim
B&M Integrity Inc
Vancouver, WA

Over time, Michael became so happy with Simpay’s customer-first focus that he asked Dana if they offered any other services he might want. Payroll Service caught his eye. He evaluated the offer, liked what he saw, and now Simpay runs payroll for Michael and his eleven employees.

“What I really love,” says Michael, “is that Simpay’s payroll is not only easy to use, their support team is just as great as Dana!”

Recently, Michael had an issue with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and how his company was paying unemployment taxes. Simpay took the issue off of his desk and worked directly with the state agency to resolve the problem! “I don’t know of any other company that would’ve done that for me. The others would’ve handed me the paperwork and told me to take care of it myself,” proclaims Michael.

He’s also delighted that his payroll specialist at Simpay suggested they pay their worker’s comp fees with each bi-weekly pay period rather than quarterly and to offset costs by having employees pay some of it. That’s made a huge improvement in Michael’s cash flow planning.

For Michael, it’s not just about the product he buys. It’s the team behind the product that makes the difference. And for Michael, Simpay makes a big difference in how he can run his business.