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With Simpay, it’s like having extra staff working for us!

Michael’s Story:

Michael and his business partner, Brian, purchased three AAMCO auto repair shops in Washington state about 5 months ago. The previous owner used Simpay to process c...

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Leaping from Handwritten Tickets to a POS

Johnette’s Story:

Johnette opened her restaurant, Skybox Sports Grill and Pizzeria, in 2013. She had a great menu, an eager staff, the usual cash drawer and card swiper, and a ton of ...

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Our Card Processing costs were Out-of-Control. Then we met Simpay. And cut our costs 61%.

Sarah’s Story:

When Sarah took over as Executive Director for The Electrical Association of Philadelphia (EAP), she realized early on that they needed to get a handle on their cred...

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Incredible Service Makes an Incredible Difference

Allan’s Story:

With 5 AAMCO dealerships in Austin TX, Allan Nurenberg was not really looking for a new card processing company. He had done his research a few years prior and chose...

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Surprised by Sudden Payroll Responsibility – Operations Manager Survives, Thrives

Robin’s Story:

The FARM AV is a manufacturer’s representative for audio-visual services. They're based in California but have hourly and salaried employees in several northwester...

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