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Wearing A Mask In Your Business?

Four Ways to Check

Posted Oct 19, 2017
Golden mask

Halloween is here. If you partake in this holiday, you know it’s all about the candy. And, of course, pretending to be someone else for a day.

You know the scene. Kids running around with their superhero capes or dressed up as their favorite movie characters. From scary to silly to creative and everything in between, wearing a costume, a mask, a wig, make-up — it’s all accepted on this day.

It got us thinking. Are you wearing a “mask” in your business? Are you hiding your real story, the real you, because it’s easier or feels more comfortable?

Here are four ways to check right now:

  • Are you doing things just because your competitor did?

If you find you are offering discounts, creating promotions or developing new menu items just because your competitor did, examine if it’s really best for your business or happening strictly out of fear or envy. Just because “the other guy” did it, doesn’t mean you have to.

  • Are you sharing photos on social media just to look a certain way?

Are you only sharing the great photos? The customer who got an awesome haircut, the steak that was cooked to perfection, the aisle that was organized perfectly. Is that really living your brand? Customers appreciate honesty. If a meal came out not quite right, take a picture and post about how you are fixing it. If a staff member dropped a carton of eggs while putting them on the shelf, take a picture and caption it, “Clean up on Aisle 8!” Make jokes and show the reality of your business. It makes your brand more relatable.

  • Are you telling your real story on your website and in your ads, or do they just read like fancy marketing jargon?

All businesses have a great background story. Showcase yours! You don’t have to sound like everyone else. If you want to infuse humor, do it. If you like to use sports analogies, use them. Being yourself can be very effective in attracting new customers. People respond to authenticity.

  • Are you showing up to events just because you think you have to?

Are you involved in networking groups or go to business mixers and feel like they’re not for you? Stop! Only go to those that you get a benefit from. And remember, “benefit” should not be limited just to developing sales opportunities. It could be for learning or for building connections that’ll help you in the future. If you’re feeling really adventurous, start your own! That way you can decide the agenda and attract people with similar interests. Who knows how many people are waiting for someone to fill that gap?

Our advice is simple. And it’s not really all that new. Be yourself. And don’t be afraid to let others see the real you. Masks belong to Halloween, not your business.