At our core, we are simple, personalized, and flexible. We are a company made up of forward-thinking individuals whose mission is to simplify the lives of small business owners with our easy-to-use business tools and services. We are tenacious, constantly in pursuit of making things better for our clients to power their business’s success.

Our Story, Our Passion

We began as a credit card processing company—Alpha Card Services. Our vision was to build a company focused on offering transparent and fair pricing and impeccable customer care to the small to medium-sized business market. As the business blossomed, similar opportunities slowly arose in other services that are used by our customers. Alpha Card Services saw a dire need in payroll, so we created Alpha Payroll Services with the vision to deliver the same transparent and fair pricing and impeccable customer care to a new industry badly in need of improved business norms. As time went on, more opportunities emerged, and Alpha Card Services added many more tools and solutions to its platform of business solutions focused on helping simplify the lives of the small to medium business owner.

After years of success and national recognition for its culture and growth, early 2017 beckoned for a new identity. The resourceful and inventive team known as Alpha Card Services knew it was time for a change. A new name was needed to capture the essence of what we do at our core—to make life simpler for business owners nationwide. Alpha Card Services deliberated and after much research and thought, Simpay was born. The name “Simpay” combined the essence of the company’s business mantra—making life simpler for the business owner—with a tip-of-the-hat to where the company started (payment processing).

Since our very beginnings in 2000, our commitment to quality and transparency has been the basis of everything we do. Through our innovative back-office solutions and unmatched customer support, we like to highlight the importance of always putting the customer first.

your true partner

in Outsourced Business Services

Our core values are the driving force behind everything we do. These can’t be taught in a class, instead, they’re found in every aspect of our employee base and our business.

We Live & Breathe Our Core Values:

Having Integrity
We will always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We deal with sensitive information, people’s money, and the livelihood of our customers' employees. That’s why we’re transparent, authentic, upfront, and truthful, above all else.
Drive to Leave
Ones Mark
We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We have an unwavering thirst to improve every aspect of our customers' business and ours. We want to improve the customer experience and our performance every minute of every day with the hope of leaving one’s mark on the world.
A Fun & Positive
We see the good in everything, even when things may not appear great. When someone speaks with a Simpayan, you speak with someone sincere, even-tempered, and looks for the best in every situation.
Always Being a
Team Player
We’re all in this together. All for one and one for all as we like to call it. When anyone needs assistance, it’s all hands on deck, working together to solve issues fast and efficiently. We are there for our customers just as much as we are there for each other.

These values help us turn transactions into relationships so you can feel what it’s like to have a true partner in all your outsourced business services.

Our Story, Our Passion

Simpay exists for you and your business. Whatever your business demands, we provide the reliable services you need. Our solutions are easy, simple, and affordable, and tailored to your business so you can run and grow successfully. From the ground up, we have created intuitive and easy-to-use customizable solutions for small business owners to help simplify daily operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue. We recognize the foundation of your business’s continued prosperity lies within our hands. We stand by our pillars of success, which are applied in our everyday business model. This includes what makes us unique.

1. Simplifying your day-to-day

2. Serving you as we would a family member

3. Providing you flexible solutions to fit your needs, not ours

Our reliable business solutions are everything your business needs to connect, grow, and succeed. We are fervent about providing our clients with the kind of service that people don’t expect any more. We don’t hold you to a contract and take a hard stand against deception—you won’t find any hidden fees and pricing tricks when you work with us. We provide every customer with the reliable, honest, and secure business solutions that they need and have come to trust.

If you’re ready, it’s time to take care of business, the Simpay way.

Our Proven Process

The customer journey begins with an opportunity. An opportunity that initiates a promise. Our promise ensures that we always deliver and you always have a great experience. We reach this promise through a series of steps known as our Proven Process.

simpay process

Do More of what you Love

And let us do the rest.

Robin's Story READ MORE

Robin's Story

Surprised by Sudden Payroll Responsibility – Operations Manager Survives and Thrives

The FARM AV is a manufacturer’s representative for audio-visual services. They’re based in California but have hourly and salaried employees in several northwestern states. For years, the company relied on its accountant to manage its payroll processes through Simpay’s Employee Management Solutions platform. But one day, he disappeared and that meant that all the weight of payroll management fell on Robin Carrillo, The FARM AV’s Operations Manager. In the blink of an eye, Robin now felt the full responsibility of paying her team, yet she had no idea how to do it! To make matters more stressful, it was also the time of year when The FARM AV gave out bonuses and raises. Talk about awful timing! Robin didn’t know where to start, so she picked up the phone and called her payroll management company, Simpay. That’s when Robin finally met her Payroll Specialist, Shannon. After verifying The FARM AV's account, Shannon quickly reset the account so Robin had control. Through Shannon’s persistent guidance and incomparable patience, she was able to teach her the ins and outs of how Simpay’s payroll platform works. Robin flatly states, “I knew nothing about how to process a payroll. Everything I needed to do, Shannon walked me through.” With Shannon’s expert instruction and diligence, Robin was able to process her team’s pay, taxes, the necessary deduction changes, raises, bonuses, and much more. In no time, Robin was comfortable running payroll on her own and was ready to fly solo. She knows that if she ever needs anything payroll-related, Shannon and the Simpay team are just a phone call away. “I’ve never talked to anyone at Simpay Payroll who isn’t great! We’re known for outstanding service and it’s awesome to see it in others. Simpay is amazing.” – Robin Carrillo, Operations Manager The FARM AV

Allan’s Story READ MORE

Allan’s Story

Incredible Service Makes an Incredible Difference

With 5 AAMCO dealerships in Austin TX, Allan Nurenberg was not looking for a new card processing company. He had done his research and chosen a large company that could provide the services he needed. That is until he met Simpay. Allan met Simpay via their mutual support for the National AAMCO Dealers Association (NADA) conferences. Allan’s a member and on their Board of Directors, and Simpay is a “preferred vendor” ally of NADA. During these conferences, Allan got to know the Simpay team and how they conducted business. He liked what he saw and decided to allow Simpay to do a rate analysis of what he was paying his current card processor. “Honestly, I doubted they’d be able to save me much. I had negotiated a pretty good deal with my current provider,” says Nurenberg. When Simpay came back with their results and a more desirable proposal for processing his card payments, Allan was pleasantly surprised. “They did it,” Nurenberg continues. “They came back with real savings. Not only that, when my current hardware turned out to be proprietary and would not allow Simpay’s software to load, they gave me new terminals at no additional cost.” “When a problem occurs, Simpay replies fast and helps us correct it. Sometimes it feels like they’re in the next room!” It was that high level of service and superior response time that impressed Allan enough to discuss having Simpay take over Payroll Management Solutions for his 5 locations and 30 employees. Over time, Allan had become increasingly frustrated with how a huge national chain had handled his business. Not only did Simpay offer a better deal and personalized service, but Allan valued the relationships he had built with his Simpay’s Customer Success Advocate. He then decided to move his Employee Management Solutions to Simpay and it’s been an excellent partnership ever since. “Everyone on the Simpay team is extremely helpful. We have some unique payroll needs where employees can buy parts and pay for them via payroll deductions. And we contribute to a matching IRA, not a 401K. Simpay handles both these needs without a hitch.” Good enough is never enough for the Simpay team. That’s why Allan knows Simpay is the right fit for all his business needs. Isn't it time you experienced the Simpay difference?

Sarah’s Story READ MORE

Sarah’s Story

Our Card Processing costs were Out-of-Control. Then we met Simpay. And cut our costs by over 61%

When Sarah took over as Executive Director for The Electrical Association of Philadelphia (EAP), she realized early on that they needed help with how they handle their credit card processing fees. Her members used cards to pay for event registration and annual membership. The processing costs for accepting credit card payments were eating away at the cash they could otherwise invest in educational events and services. Like so many other business leaders, Sarah felt stuck. Fees kept rising, and she was left wondering if there was any way to change that? Or was this something she was just going to have to accept? That’s when one of EAP’s past presidents suggested she meet with Bob from Simpay. “When I met Bob, I was astonished by his approach. It wasn’t all about ‘sure I can save you money, just sign here.’ He took the time to review our card statements to see what we were being charged and why.” Where Sarah had questions, Bob and the Simpay team had answers. The Simpay team explained that the card brands charged less if you enter transactions properly. That means using a more secure processing procedure, entering in sales tax, collecting additional customer info at the time of sale, and properly categorizing your business can all impact the rates you pay. After listening and learning from Bob, Sarah decided to switch EAP’s card processing to Simpay. “In our first month running credit cards via Simpay, EAP saved over 61% in credit card fees!” “I had no idea that so much of our card processing costs were actually within our control,” exclaimed Sarah. After seeing Simpay’s proactive approach and the proven results, Sarah wanted her EAP members to receive similar benefits. EAP then took the added step to enter into a strategic partnership with Simpay to make its business solutions available to all EAP members. Sarah no longer worries about high card processing costs. She knows working with her Customer Success Advocate at Simpay is the key to making it all work smoothly and affordably.

Johnette’s Story READ MORE

Johnette’s Story

Leaping from Handwritten Tickets to a POS

Johnette opened her restaurant, Skybox Sports Grill and Pizzeria, in 2013. She had a great menu, an eager staff, the usual cash drawer and card swiper, and a ton of determination. But as a start-up, money was tight, so they did not purchase a POS system. Over the following five years, Skybox flourished and grew. To continue with her success, Johnette realized she needed better “command and control” of her menu, ordering process, and restaurant performance details. It was time to invest in a POS. “We’ve grown nicely so far,” says Johnette. “To get where I want to be next, I need more. A good POS system will give me the sales details and analytical capability I’m looking for so we can keep growing.” After researching many options, Johnette landed on the Simpay POS. During the onboarding phase, Johnette spent a lot of time with Simpay’s POS Support Team. She worked extensively with Ashley, one of Simpay’s POS specialists. Ashley had worked as a restaurant manager herself, which gave her insight into what Johnette would need her POS to do. “Ashley spent an IMMENSE amount of time with me during that first week,” Johnette exclaims. “I had a lot of questions and Ashley was wonderful. She answered all of them with patience, and she helped me understand why we were making the decisions we were. That made me smarter and more capable to run the software on my own.” Johnette took the necessary time and energy to learn the system, and her team quickly adapted as well. Now that she and her crew are fully operational, Johnette plans to dive headfirst into all the smart reporting and analysis features that the Simpay POS system offers and is eager to possibly extend their partnership with future endeavors. “Simpay’s team has been amazing in helping me set everything up and learn how to use it smartly,” shares Johnette. “I’m excited to see what else I can do with it and how it’ll help me run and grow Skybox.”

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