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POS Systems

Your POS system should boost sales, manage inventory, cut costs, save you time, and above all, be reliable. With Simpay, it will be.

Simpay can tailor a POS solution to fit any business niche. Retailer, quick service or fine dining restaurant, convenience store, supermarket, hair or nail salons . . . all of these and more can experience the time-saving and performance-boosting effects of a Simpay POS system.

Plus, Simpay has a full suite of hardware choices to accompany your custom software. Select a tablet-based system, a cloud-based solution, or a traditional stand-alone model. Or mix units together. It’s your choice.

What You Can Do with Simpay POS

  • Deliver a seamless check-out experience for your customers

  • Know what’s selling well, so you’re sure not to run out – and can promote it as a hot-seller!

  • Know what’s NOT selling well, so you can avoid waste and overstock issues

  • Train new employees easily

  • Track employee hours and avoid unnecessary overtime

  • Run gift and customer reward programs

  • Easily view reports to monitor sales, inventory, ordering needs, staff hours and shift planning, and more

Enjoy the efficiency and simplicity
of a Simpay POS solution!

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Here Are a Few Additional Components of Simpay POS Systems

  • Expert installation and training to get your team up-to-speed quickly

  • DVR/Surveillance interface

  • Very affordable lease-to-own financing for your equipment

  • Imports into QuickBooks or other accounting software

  • 24/7/365 support

And all Simpay POS systems easily integrate with our payment processing, payroll, and sales building tools.

By bundling your services with Simpay, you’ll enjoy discounted pricing, have just one vendor to contact for everything you need, and reclaim precious hours of your time each month. What could be simpler?

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