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We Simplify Work.


Simpay - Your "One Call" Solution

Simpay exists to make your business run smoother and your life easier. It's that simple.

We are your single source for . . .
… solutions that make you and your team more efficient and productive.

What Really Counts – Your Time

No, we can’t give you a 26-hour day so you can get all your work done.  Sorry!

But, we can take a lot of the work off your desk and put it on ours.

Not only will you reclaim those hours for other, more productive work,
Simpay’s approach will pay you additional time dividends from  day 1 of our work together!

Additional Ways Simpay Saves You Time

Simpay POS

  • We program your menu software, not you
  • Reliable equipment you keep for more than a year
  • Training new employees to use it is a snap
  • It’s easy to plan shift coverage

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Simpay Payroll

  • We track your employees’ hours for you
  • We handle your team’s deduction and coverage change requests
  • We file all your payroll tax documents
  • Employees ask us their questions, not you

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Simpay Card Payment Processing

  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Mobile, EMV & contactless payment is a snap
  • Money reliably available as fast as 14 hours
  • We take – and return – your calls

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Industries We Serve

From hospitality to retail to healthcare to professional services,
Simpay offers tailored solutions to streamline and simplify any business.

Click and see for yourself!