Meet Our Team

Lazaros Kalemis - CEO & Founder of Simpay

Lazaros Kalemis

CEO & Founder

A photo of Josh Elsass

Josh Elsass

Chief Sales Officer

A photo of Dan Glazer

Dan Glazer

SVP Direct Sales

A photo of Gary Breeds

Gary Breeds

VP Marketing

Matt Wilkerson

VP Talent Acquisition

A photo of Anthony Young

Anthony Young

Director of Merchant services operations

Rich Wilhelm

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Chuck Knirnschild

Charles Knirsnchild

SVP Indirect Sales

A photo of Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin

VP Insurance Production

Megan Haarstad

Director People & Culture

A photo of Kirsten Arredondo

Kirsten Arredondo

Director of Payroll

A photo of Tom Stout

Thomas Stout

Chief Technical Officer

Robert Heinrich

VP Product Strategy

A photo of Arika Martin

Arika Martin

VP Insurance Operations

A photo of Ken Owens

Ken Owens

Director Inside Sales

Phil Porcari

Director of IT Infrastructure