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Wireless credit card processing is easy with today's terminals and mobile devices.

Wireless Card Processing Terminals: What You Need to Know

It's MORE than just a hardware decision!

We live in a largely wireless world. Phones went cordless decades ago. Laptops are no longer tied to an ethernet cable. Tablets and cell phones allow us to wander pr...

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How to Run a Smarter Payroll

Running payroll involves a lot of details

In our previous post, Smart Payroll: Setting it Up Well, we gave you tips on how to structure and implement an efficient payroll process that benefits both your team...

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Big Change in Card Transaction Signature Requirements

Good news for those of you running credit card sales on EMV-accepting terminals.  In April of this year, the four major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Expr...

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A Cash Discount program requires specific signage.

Pros & Cons of Cash Discount Programs

Are They an Alternative to Credit Card Surcharging?

The public loves their credit cards!  A 2017 survey showed that we prefer our credit cards nearly 3:1 vs cash.  Of course, accepting cards means paying card proces...

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Payroll management is togher than people think.

Smart Payroll: Setting it Up Well

Payroll management is a critical part of any business -- small, mid-sized, or large.  Your team relies on their pay, and they deserve accurate, clear, and timely pa...

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Local SEO is powered by your webiste. Earning the Goolge "Local 3-Pack" is your goal.

Small Business, Google Search Results, & the Impact of Google’s ‘Local 3-Pack’

Until a few years ago, if a person ran a Google search for office equipment, a Mexican restaurant or a dry cleaners in their area, they’d be served a results page ...

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You have choices when accounting for credit card processing fees.

Accounting for Credit Card Processing Fees

We are nearing the time when cash-only small businesses will be making their final curtain call. For years, some small businesses dealt in cash or checks because get...

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Paying Tipped Employees: What You Need to Know

There are many reasons why someone may want to work as an employee who receives tips as part of their compensation. Although jobs like waiting tables can be physical...

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Using an EMV chip credit card helps stop fraud.

What is EMV Non-Compliance?

And why am I being charged for it?!?

Maybe you haven’t switched because you’re afraid of costs. Maybe you’re worried about training your staff. Or maybe you just think that changing will be a hass...

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Bitcoin and blockchain will change how restaurants do business

Bitcoin and Blockchain for Restaurants

This new technology can change the restaurant business

Like other businesses, technology is an important operational component for restaurants. But are bitcoin and blockchain the right technologies for the food industry?...

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