5 Facts About Voice Search and How It Helps Your Business

The rise of voice search has been on an upward trajectory over the last decade, with the advent of digital search tools like Siri and Alexa showing no sign of slowing down.Today, roughly 50% of Americans use voice search for everything from checking the weather to searching for local businesses, accounting for over a billion voice searches every month.

Whether your business is embracing voice-enabled search in earnest for the first time or looking to revive your digital marketing strategy, here are five reasons to prioritize voice search.

FACT #1 – Increase Your Company’s Visibility

While voice-enabled search tends to be more popular with millennials and Gen Z (67% preference for voice search), even baby boomers have jumped on the voice search train in significant numbers (39%).

Voice searches are more conversational and often phrased as questions; they simplify how searches are performed. They also rely on long tail keywords, which reflect how we talk to speakers and smartphones instead of typing queries on a laptop or desktop.

If your content isn’t optimized for voice-enabled search and text, your company is missing out on the conversation.

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FACT #2 – Dominate Local Search Results

Whether your business is in hospitality, retail, or healthcare, over 50% of voice searches are for local businesses and services. In addition to being more conversational and context-based than text searches, voice-enabled searches also include location details.

The best voice search-based content provides useful and relevant answers to common questions and is optimized to target customers in their own backyards using the location details they provide.

Here’s an example:

“Alexa, find a good dog groomer near me.”

“Sure! Located only 0.8 miles away on Jackson Blvd., Fluffy’s Grooming Salon offers full grooming and spa services for most breeds. Open seven days a week until 9 p.m.”

The beauty of voice search is that your potential customers’ smart devices already know where they live and how far they want to travel, so it’s up to you to help search engines connect your business by hanging your shingle in the form of content optimized for local voice searches.

FACT #3 – Get a Leg Up on Your Competition

Voice search may be on a meteoric rise on the consumer end, but many businesses are still slow to take advantage of the trend.

In the last few years, voice-enabled searches have skyrocketed by 3500%, while as few as 4% of companies are voice search ready.

FACT #4 – Build Customer Engagement

Voice-enabled search is interactive and user-friendly, leading to better engagement and brand loyalty.

As digital and AI tools become more ubiquitous, consumers still need to feel that human touch and connection with their favorite brands.

FACT #5 – Targeted SEO

Embracing voice-enabled search allows you to tailor your content strategy and cast a wider net to attract new business, grow your customer base, and scale your products and services.

Incorporating this tool into your content strategy will elevate your brand’s voice above the competition. By reaching more consumers, you can grow your business and remain a leader in the industry.

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