5 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Do you have a plan for your digital marketing? Sales on social media channels alone are expected to reach $1.3 billion by the end of this year, highlighting the urgency of having a multi-channel marketing plan for your business. Here are five reasons to outsource your digital marketing.

1. Digital Marketing is Effective

The greatest reason to outsource yourdigital marketing is because it is effective. Roughly one in five (19%) Americans use social media primarily to find new products — an 11% increase since 2020.

Digital marketing is rapidly becoming a dominant method for consumers to connect with products, which presents a major opportunity for your business to connect with your target market. And if you want to make the best impression, you’ll rely on the resources and guidance of a digital marketing expert.

2. Access to Better Tools and Support

Digital marketing professionals rely on the latest tools, such as email management software or paid ad platforms. Sure, you could pay for these resources yourself, but some software packages are cost-intensive.

Additionally, marketing professionals have the experience and expertise to keep up with current trends and best practices.

Simpay offers a full range of total business solutions to help you stay on top of those trends, including the new Simpay digital marketing services. We are a one-stop shop for all your small business needs and can help you discover how to transform your business.

3. Save Time

Keeping up with your different social media accounts is time-consuming in itself. But throw in pay-per-click ads, email marketing campaigns, and tracking website visitors, and you’ll soon spend more time promoting your business than actually running it.

Farming out these activities to a marketing professional can simplify or reduce your administrative burdens, allowing you to invest more time on revenue-generating activities to keep your business moving forward.

4. Save Money

To run your own digital marketing plan, you’ll either need to sink money into costly software packages or hire a marketing team of your own. But the average salary of a full-time digital marketing manager is over $60,000. An in-house employee is often cost-prohibitive for most small businesses.

Instead, outsourcing your digital marketing will deliver the same great support at a fraction of the cost. Businesses of any size can benefit from industry-leading marketing experts, all while keeping operating expenses low.

5. Ongoing Support

The best marketing professionals will continue to invest in their clients. They will provide ongoing support to maximize the impact of their products and campaign strategies.

For instance, a digital marketing professional might complete an e-commerce website for a small business, but they will also stick around to refine their work to meet the client’s needs. The rest of the marketing team will continue to refine their knowledge base and skill set to deliver up-to-date guidance for each and every client.

Making Business Simple

Digital marketing services can greatly simplify your business processes, enabling you to operate and scale your brand on your own terms. This is good news for you, and it’s also good news for the customers who discover your products. Isn’t time to outsource your digital marketing?

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