5 Ways Simple Payroll Solutions Benefit Your Small Business

Like the other 33 million+ small business owners in the United States, you are probably always searching for ways to make your growing company more competitive. If so, then you should consider investing in a simple payroll solution. By doing so, you can:

Reduce Overhead Expenses

According to Walden University, “lack of funds” is one of the biggest hurdles small business owners face. By adopting a simple and effective payroll solution, you can reduce your overhead expenses. You’ll effectively manage your payroll with fewer staff members without negatively impacting your employees or key business operations.

Additionally, payrolling solutions will increase the visibility of your business expenses. In turn, this data can help you identify cost savings opportunities so you can free up even more capital. Ultimately, you can use these funds to expand your business, open a new location, hire more staff, or refine your products. 

Increase Business Viability

Only about one-third of small businesses will achieve a 10-year operational milestone. While this statistic can be shocking, there are a few things you can do to make your business more viable. Adopting dynamic payroll technology is among them.

At first glance, payroll software may not seem like it makes that big of an impact on your business. However, it can have several downstream effects on your company.

First off, such software will free up more of your time to focus on core business tasks. The technology will also help you manage your money better and avoid wasteful spending. Most importantly, payroll software will allow you to take care of your employees. This will turn them into loyal team members.

Whether you just need high-quality software or are looking for total business solutions, Simpay can help. We have a full suite of solutions designed specifically for the needs of small business owners like you. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Making seemingly minor mistakes when processing payroll may seem like no big deal. Unfortunately, even small mistakes can lead to some major headaches, especially come tax time. Mishaps like deducting the wrong amount from employees’ checks can increase your tax liability and cut into your profit margins. 

Payrolling errors can also diminish staff morale, which is especially concerning when you consider that more than half of small business owners already struggle to retain quality employees.

Improve Overall Efficiency 

Adopting a simple payroll solution, like Simpay Onboard,  can make the traditionally tedious process of overseeing payments to employees much more efficient. As a result, you can take a few responsibilities off your plate, save time, and free up your employees to shift their focus to more valuable activities. 


Cumulatively, these efficiency benefits can have a profound impact on your company’s profitability and productivity. 


Make Life Simple

Whether you spend your time operating a small business or are the proud owner of one of more than 3 million microbusinesses, you need a payroll solution. It will make life simple — or at the very least, simpler — for you and your close-knit staff. 


Improving your payroll operations with different solutions available is one of the most effective ways of securing your business’ future as you work efficiently. It’s also an excellent way of overcoming common business challenges and maximizing your ability to be nimble at all times.

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