6 Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Credit Card Processing Company

Did you know that over 80% of the money spent in restaurants is from credit card transactions and other forms of non-cash payments? Cash is no longer king in the restaurant industry. Regardless of your restaurant’s target demographic, more and more data is surfacing and revealing how plastic is becoming the most popular form of payment. So, is it worth it to accept credit cards at your establishment? The answer is yes. Whether you are an established cash-only eatery or starting a new pub, we’re sharing the benefits of restaurant credit card processing.  


Satisfied Customers

One of the essential elements of a successful restaurant is happy customers. Most of your diners no longer carry cash with them, opting to pay for their meals with a credit card. If you are not accepting credit cards, you are not meeting your customer’s expectations, and you’re guaranteed to miss out on a sale. Even if you offer an ATM, many customers will not enjoy the high withdrawal fees. Improve customer satisfaction with convenient and reliable payment options.


Make Sales Anywhere

When your business is on the move, your payment options need to be, too. Bring in some extra revenue when not restricted to a single location and take advantage of on-the-go opportunities like community events, fairs, a food truck, and farmer’s markets.


Increased Sales

A study conducted by Dun & Bradstreet found that consumers are more impulsive when using a credit or debit card, spending 12%-18% more than they would if paying with cash. The same rings true for diners at your restaurant. Your guests will be more inclined to add a dessert to their meal or opt for a higher-priced entree with the option to pay with a credit card. 


Simplified Accounting with Fewer Mistakes

Another important element of a successful restaurant is accurate bookkeeping. Cash has to be carefully counted and recorded. When you accept credit cards, you can enjoy simplified solutions with fewer mistakes. All transactions are accounted for and appear on your monthly statement.


Smoother Checkout Processes

Restaurant credit card processing offers you and your guests a flawless checkout experience. Accept all major credit cards, cut down on checkout time, offer contactless payments, and a host of other innovative features that your guests will love. 


Creates a Safer Environment

Many restaurant owners do not realize how unsafe it is to handle a large amount of cash. Reduce the likelihood of employee theft or a robbery when you utilize credit card processing services. 

Finding the best credit card processing solution for your restaurant is no simple task, but Simpay makes it easy with personalized tools and transparent services. When you choose to partner with Simpay, you can process all types of payments, whether in-store, online, or on the go, with quick, secure, and reliable merchant services. Enjoy flexible pricing options that are right for you and your restaurant. If you are ready to get started, schedule a call with a Simpayan today.

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