6 ways HR technology promotes employee engagement

Today’s marketplace and hiring environment means it’s more important than ever to have a fast, responsive, agile employee management system in place. Today’s HR technology provides the tools needed to:

1. Prioritize performance appraisals and assessments. Making performance conversations part of an ongoing process allows for timely feedback and course correction as needed. HR technology automates this process by setting reminders, encouraging feedback from team members, and supporting next steps like coaching, recognition, redirecting, or promotion. 

2. Sharpen coaching skills. Delivering online training programs helps managers quickly learn best practices and company policies to make sure they are supporting company values. Well-equipped managers lead more engaged, productive teams of employees.

3. Provide continuous learning and development programs. Teach employees the skills they need to be successful today and beyond. HR solutions identify talented employees who demonstrate a proven track record of working well within your company. Making investments in the ongoing training and development of key employees brings stability to the workforce and helps with recruiting.

4. Deliver social recognition and rewards. Every person likes to be recognized, whether it’s public praise, awards, or recognition of a job well done. Select an employment management system that tracks employee performance and accomplishments, and automatically delivers recognition.

5. Implement a feedback mechanism. Empowering your workforce to share their opinions and feedback not only promotes engagement, it provides timely insight about what’s really going on at the company. 

6. Adapt compensation to agile work. Leverage HR technology to recognize accomplishments and certifications faster with on-the-spot bonuses instead of the traditional end-of-year salary increases. Research shows frequent rewards and positive feedback are more effective to reinforce desired behaviors.

Great companies support the growth of the company by recruiting the best new talent, onboarding them smoothly, and providing ongoing support and development. 

SImpay makes your employee development strategy simple and effective.

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