Boost Sales by Offering Consumers These 5 Simple Ways to Pay

As a business owner, you have the responsibility of making the buying process frictionless. The easier it is for your customers to make a purchase, the more satisfied they will be with your service — and the more likely they will return. 

If you truly want to make the purchasing process simple and seamless, you should offer these five payment processing options:

#1 Online Credit Card Processing

According to recent research, about 76% of American adults buy goods online. If you want to embrace the ever-growing popularity of online shopping and expand your business, it’s a great idea to consider offering online credit card acceptance. 

Adding online payments is simple and cost-effective when you partner with Simpay. At Simpay, we offer credit card processing solutions and a friction-free purchasing experience for your customers. We also provide total business solutions like insurance, payroll solutions, and more.  

#2 In-Person Purchasing

Even though online shopping has become incredibly popular, many consumers still prefer shopping in person. You need to make sure that the in-person purchasing experience is enjoyable and efficient. Otherwise, you could hurt sales volume and add friction to the customer experience.

Investing in modern credit card processing software is the best way to optimize in-person purchasing. Approximately 57% of in-store payments were made with credit or debit cards in 2020, which indicates this is consumers’ preferred way to pay. Conversely, cash accounted for a mere 19% of payments that same year. Simpay offers a wide range of processing equipment options including countertop terminals, coud-based Point of Sales systems, and contactless payment readers.

#3 On-the-Go Processing

The term “on-the-go processing” refers to any payment methods that allow you to obtain funds from customers without a stationary card reader. On-the-go credit card processing solutions include:

  • Mobile card readers
  • QR code-based payment platforms
  • Digital wallets

Offering these payment methods is essential if your business provides services at workplaces or customers’ homes. 

#4 Invoicing

If you operate a business-to-business (B2B) company, consider offering an invoicing solution that facilitates ACH and recurring payments. Doing so will make it easy for your long-term clients to reorder essential products or pay for your services.

Simpay’s suite of business solutions not only makes credit card processing simple, but it also supports ACH payments and invoicing. This wide range of services makes our technology ideal for both B2B and B2C companies. 

#5 Digital Wallets

One out of four American consumers used a digital wallet at least once in 2021. Many consumers have even made digital wallets their go-to payment method.

With that in mind, your business should adopt technologies that allow you to accept digital wallet payments. This emerging payment method makes the buying process more convenient and efficient and will only grow in popularity. 

Adopting these five payment methods can expedite payment processing and enhance the customer experience. In turn, this will allow you to serve more customers and increase overall sales. Talk about a win-win for your business!

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