Celebrating National Payroll Week 2022

Now that the 27th annual National Payroll Week has arrived, businesses across the country are finalizing plans to celebrate their payroll professionals as they pay 150 million wage earners throughout the U.S. The national awareness campaign pays homage to the vital part that payroll employees play in sustaining integral companies and agencies in every industry. Payroll departments are responsible for collecting funds via the federal payroll withholding system to fund programs like:

  • The U.S. military
  • Medicare
  • The construction of federal highways
  • Social Security 
  • And more

In addition to celebrating this critical work, National Payroll Week is designed to encourage networking between payroll professionals from organizations and companies of all sizes. These individuals and the supervisors who lead them have the opportunity to disseminate ideas, discuss emerging total business solutions that streamline payroll management, and share their passion for their craft as their hard work benefits

What and When Is National Payroll Week?

Each year, National Payroll Week aligns with Labor Day. In 2022, the campaign will run from September 5 to September 9. According to the official National Payroll Week website, the event is designed to celebrate the partnership between payroll professionals, employees in the U.S., and the agencies and programs funded by the withholding system. It recognizes the hard work of payroll professionals as they contribute, report, and deposit an estimated $2.2 trillion of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury. 

National Payroll Week was originally founded in 1996 by The American Payroll Association to focus on the partnerships between employees throughout the U.S. Every year since, the APA has organized the event by coordinating with payroll professionals, total business solution software developers, and government agencies. 

On their website, National Payroll Week organizers provide those interested with simple resources for getting involved. They also highlight various paycheck tools and share educational information that reveals just how essential payroll professionals are to the U.S. infrastructure. 

The event has something to offer every member of the payroll management ecosystem, including individual professionals, small business owners, C-suite executives, and employees who reap the benefits of payroll services each year. 

How Simpay Is Celebrating

As a provider of a simple, yet world-class total business solutions, Simpay wants to contribute to National Payroll Week celebrations and recognize its payroll professionals. While National Payroll Week is largely a domestic celebration, Simpay understands that businesses the world over can benefit from payrolling solutions and support. 

With that in mind, Simpay will honor Simpay payroll professionals and highlight the extensive capabilities of our payrolling tools. 

Celebrating National Payroll Week 2022 allows employers to show their appreciation for payroll professionals and honor their contributions to the workforce. The variety of resources available through The American Payroll Association makes it possible to better equip each payroll professional and allow them to have a higher level of efficiency with their day-to-day responsibilities.

Contact Simpay today to learn just how easy it is to set up your payroll and get back to doing what you do best – Running your business. 


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