Meet our new Chief Sales Officer – Josh Elsass

At Simpay, we take pride in our irrefutable recognition as an industry leader in the payment processing industry. As with all exceptional enterprises, our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction sets us apart and ahead. All thanks for such dedication goes to the awesome team we have working behind the scenes 24/7. Having reached the peak standards in the industry, we are setting out to break more boundaries and make things a lot better for our customers.

With that in mind, Simpay is creating a fully integrated business solutions platform, or as we fondly call it, “Business in a Box.” And who better to be at the fore of it all than Josh Elsass? Yeah, Simpay has a new Chief Sales Officer; that’s just another salesman in their team…so what?

Not sure what all this means to you? Well, as our customer, it means a lot of things. Most importantly, it means that a lot of benefits and improvements would will be coming your way. With Elsass as the company’s Chief Sales officer, let’s have a quick look at what you can expect going forward.

Groundbreaking Innovations

If there is one thing you may have noticed about payment processors before partnering with Simpay, terms and modes of operations are almost always vague. Giving room to different interpretations as different circumstances arise, for example. For you and other users, this means that payment processors and systems they provide are often complicated. And most times, you overpay for services that could have been a lot cheaper – but the charges appear justifiable.
With Simpay, you can agree that we have made payment processing as simple as possible – given what’s obtainable from most competitors. However, we are all about breaking boundaries and making things as simple as ABC. To do this, Simpay has been engaged in retrospective longitudinal research, learning about what’s working, what’s making them work in the industry, what’s being overlooked in the industry, and how can they be applied to better user experience.
Josh Elsass comes with over two decades of exemplary leadership in the sales department of various companies in the payment processing and financing industry. He comes with a proven track record of success in analyzing, understanding, and providing solutions to customers’ pain points during rollouts. He comes with the knowledge of thousands of small businesses and enterprises across the country and the globe. Providing deeper insights into what you – and other businesses – want or would greatly appreciate.
With these in mind, you can lock in with us and look forward to the new strategic initiatives that Josh will be leading us on, making your business simpler and even more profitable than ever. 

Business in a Box

Josh believes that exceptional organizations must be built around a culture that equally values clients, partners, and employees. This belief strongly aligns with Simpay’s business goals and intentions for those that go the Simpay way. Accordingly, this belief is fully enveloped in what we have coming your way – Business in a Box.
Business in a Box is a fully integrated platform that would make your business processes – employee management, POS systems, growth processes, customer management system, and all payment processes – flow in unison. Each part in synchrony with the other to make your business an easy-to-manage system. 
As a renowned, resolute leader in the industry and building on points already made, Josh Elsass brings in a lot of knowledge, techniques, and initiatives to the drawing board. He’ll also be providing valuable insights on implementable innovative solutions that could be applied in Business in a Box to enhance business cohesion and boost our customers’ strides to success.

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