4 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Emailing Your Customers

In the modern digital marketing environment, social media channels and video content get all the attention. While these channels are impactful, email marketing remains a powerful tool for connecting with customers, generating leads, and driving sales.

If you want to build a high-performing digital marketing strategy that supports your growth goals, you should still be emailing your customers.

Reason #1 – Email is a Top-3 Marketing Channel

According to 79% of marketing professionals, email is a top-3 channel for connecting with customers. If you want your business to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced marketing world, you must use the most popular and effective channels. This means making email a foundational part of your campaigns.

However, email is only part of the equation. To build a top-performing marketing strategy that cements your business as a one-stop shop to meet your customers’ needs, you should also consider partnering with a small business marketing firm like Simpay Digital.

Our total business solutions simplify the way clients manage their businesses. For years, Simpay has made business simple with accounting, HR, and payment-processing solutions. Now, we’re adding marketing to the mix.

Reason #2 – Everyone Uses Email (Or Almost Everyone)

According to Statista, approximately 4.37 billion people have at least one email address. There’s a good chance everyone in your target audience has an email account.

The ubiquity of email makes it the perfect marketing tool. While customers may move or change phone numbers, most consumers keep the same email address for years. Once you have someone’s email address, you have a convenient and cost-effective means of staying connected with them.

Reason #3 – Email Marketing Revenue is on the Rise

Email marketing is a revenue-generating machine when paired with great content and a sound strategy. In fact, email marketing revenue is on the rise and is projected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027.

Regardless of your vertical, you can add email to your marketing strategy to bolster cash flow, run sales, distribute coupons or discount codes, nurture leads, and more.

Reason #4 – Email Provides an Exceptional ROI

When managing a small business, you need to make every marketing dollar count — you can’t afford to waste your marketing resources on channels that yield a poor return on investment.

If optimal ROI is at the top of your priority list, email is an excellent fit for your marketing strategy. On average, email provides an ROI of $40 for every dollar spent. Talk about a strong return.

Build Your Mailing List and Start Sending Emails

Getting started with email marketing is easy. You only need a client mailing list, a few carefully composed messages, and a little time. You already have email contact information for most of your clients, which will make getting started even easier.

As you prepare to launch your first email campaign, focus on email quality and composition. Also, segment your audience based on their specific preferences, purchasing history, and the stage of their buying journey. You’ll then be well on your way to generating a solid ROI with email marketing.

Best of all, Simpay Digital can do all this for you!

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