It’s time to go contactless

Consumer love using their phones or wearable devices to pay for items.

Isn’t it time you went contactless?

What are contactless payments?

Contactless payments are an easy way for your customers to make purchases with their phones or wearable devices.

The process is simple, they download the app, scan the screen at the checkout, and enter their PIN or use Touch ID. This means your clients can pay for items without taking out their wallet or handing over cash.

And best of all, every Simpay payment device accepts contactless payments already.

Contactless payment apps you should know about

There are numerous contactless payment apps on the market to choose from. Here are the most popular versions:
The really good news here is that all Simpay Payment solutions process contactless payments automatically.

Process every transaction safely and securely

All Simpay solutions:

True Transparency

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Solutions for Any Industry

Whether you’re saving lives in the healthcare industry or feeding your community at your locally owned restaurant, we offer comprehensive solutions for any business.

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