Simpay Selects Fee Navigator to Accelerate Growth

Trevose, PA June 8th, 2022

Simpay, a full-service payments, payroll, and POS provider, expands partnership with Fee Navigator to power their next phase of growth.

Simpay’s CEO & Founder, Lazaros Kalemis, noted “This is an exciting next step for Simpay and Fee Navigator. As an innovative organization ourselves,  we’re always looking to improve our services by continually updating our tech stack, which ultimately benefits our customers. The next level capabilities Fee Navigator is introducing, allows us to serve our customers faster and more accurately.”

Increasing Simpay Sales & Service

The partnership expansion includes greater access to Fee Navigator’s feature-rich technology. Simpay’s tech-enabled salesforce will be able to respond more quickly to opportunities.

“When we meet with a merchant, we want to be able to help, right away. That’s the Simpay way. When the discussion touches on existing processing fees and what we can offer, we instantly crunch data with Fee Navigator. There is no other tool on the market that gives us this level of response. If we come across a poor quality statement, something harder to read, or in an unconventional format, Fee Navigator provides Simpay with a team of number crunching experts, ready to turnaround statements immediately, so our people just have to focus on what they do best: sell and support our customers.” said Josh Elsass, Chief Sales Officer.

CEO of Fee Navigator, Adrian Talapan, added “Simpay is one of our favorite customers, because they push the envelope on what is possible when you combine advanced tech with customer-obsessed delivery. Besides the core instant statement analysis and proposal solution and the full-service capability we offer, we are excited to introduce in the next few months our AI Virtual Agent (AIVA). Imagine being able to craft digital customer experiences that combine prospect information with your firm’s own data and with Fee Navigator’s data, all packaged and delivered in 5 lines of code, with full design and logic customization that requires no IT involvement. Our powerful engine processes it all, and pushes the data to webhooks or APIs for consumption inside other downstream applications, such as onboarding etc. Yes, this means that even instant proposals based on real-time customer segmentation could be possible.”


About Simpay:

Simpay, a Trevose, PA-based company, provides payment acceptance, employee management solutions, POS systems, and growth tools for businesses across North America. Since our very beginnings in 2000, our commitment to quality and transparency has been the basis of everything we do.

For more information on partnering with Simpay, visit https://partners.simpay.net/ or email Marketing@simpay.net

About Fee Navigator:

Award-winning, AI and crowd-powered Fee Navigator empowers ISOs, banks, acquirers, ISVs and the payments ecosystem to instantly analyze, price, and propose merchant accounts. Ancillary lead funnels, email bots, and APIs enable digitally native experiences for future growth. The solution dramatically increases sales and profitability, while at the same time lowering training costs and generating time savings that could be applied elsewhere.

For more information, please email info@feenavigator.com or call 844-333-4888.

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